Shared Hosting FAQ.

Are you a master/alpha/reseller of some other company?
NO. We are not a reseller of some other company. We manage our servers with root access. You really don't need to worry that you are with a middleman without any knowledge of hosting industry.

I made my payment, But did not receive my instant hosting account information, What to do?
All shared hosting accounts will be created and details will be emailed to the customer instantly after making your payment. You will recieve your hosting account information within a maximum of 5 minutes in your E-Mail.

But, some email providers like gmail, yahoo etc may forward our emails to Bulk mail Or Spam folder instead of your Inbox. Please check them to get our emails.

Another way of getting all copies of emails we send is, login to our client area and Go to "My Emails" link to see all Emails we sent you from our billing system.

Also, please store our email id's expertwebhost(at), sales(at) and support(at) in your contact list which makes sure that all our Email messages are delivered directly to your Inbox.

Others are offering unlimited space for $1?
We agree that many hosting providers offer huge storage and bandwidth for $1. But, you'll also know that those hosting companies will disappear in a few months or an year. Or you'll never get the promised uptime, support, reliability and connectivity. Just search on google for feedback on those companies and you'll know that they are terrible hosting companies, and you'll know it after you made your payment!!

How much time is required to create my hosting account?
All hosting accounts are created instantly after you made your payment. You'll get your hosting account information e-mail within minutes after your payment. If you did not get in your inbox, please search in your spam folder. If it can't be found, please open a support request ticket in our client area.

Is your one dollar a month hosting reliable?
We are offering our 1 dollar month hosting plan from almost 3 years now(Started Feb 2008). We don't have any plans to stop offering 1 dollar plan. We agree that we operate with minimum profit. But, we enjoy what we do and our hosting is one of the most reliable service available in the industry.

Do you maintain our data backups?
Yes. We do make weekly backups of all data on all our servers. But it is strongly suggested to maintain your own offsite backups too in case of emergencies.

What payment methods do you support?
Currently, we accept payments thru PayPal only. You can make credit card payments(All credit cards are supported) too using PayPal. Indian users can also make payments thru Demand draft or Online bank transfers.

Do you offer free account transfer from my previous hosting provider?
We offer free hosting account transfer from any CPanel based hosting provider. But, please note that, this service is not free for 1 dollar hosting plan and costs $2 one time transfer fee.
Please open a support ticket with your previous hosting providers CPanel url, user name and passwords to transfer your account. It may take upto 24 to 48 hours to transfer the account depending on how busy we are here at help desk.

I'm an Indian and have no Paypal or credit card. How to pay?
Just order your hosting plan and open a support ticket or Email us at expertwebhost(at) to get our postal address to send your Bank Demand Draft.

You can also make payments thru Online bank transfers to our State Bank of India account(ask for it, if you need).

Remeber that, you must only order Yearly/Half yearly hosting plans if you want to pay thru Demand draft or Online bank transfers, because monthly or quarterly payments are not very feasible.

Is reseller account is provisioned instantly?
Only shared hosting accounts are created instantly. Reseller hosting accounts needs manual verification and hence it'll be activated within 24 hours of order confirmation and payments.

Where your hosting servers are located?
We use multiple data centres for our servers. Currently we have servers in Atlanta, Dallas, Newyork, Losangels, Seatle, Florida, Uk, Netherlands and Canada.

What is not allowed to host on your servers?
You are NOT allowed to host...
+ Warez content or linking
+ Phishing Sites
+ Pornographic content
+ Hacking/Cracking sites
+ Illegal adult content
+ Proxy servers and IRC
+ Mass Emailing/Spamming(We have hourly/daily limits in place)
+ File/Image/Video hosting sites(Like youtube etc)
+ Game servers
+ Hate/Terrorism sites
+ Any thing that is against Law
+ Any thing that uses huge amount of server resources/affects other sites/users hosted on the server.

Please go through our TOS page if you are in doubt regarding your content or Contact us before you signup.

May I host my Wordpress blog?
YES. You may host your Wordpress, Joomla based sites and blogs. We offer the support for scripting languages(PHP) required and MYSQL databases even in our one dollar a month web hosting plans too.

I would like to host business web site. Do you support?
We do have a business hosting plan for hosting business web sites. It provides you enough web space and bandwidth to run your business. If required, you can install shopping cart softwares from CPanel using our fantastico or softaculous automatic script installers. If you need a dedicated ip or SSL certificate, we can provide that one too. Just open a support ticket and we will do the needful.

I have some questions related to your seo hosting!
Please visit our seo hosting faq page here. If you want, you can always contact us thru a support ticket or livechat for further assistance.

I have some questions on your reseller hosting!
Please visit our whm reseller hosting faq page here. Please do contact us thru a support ticket or livechat for further assistance.

What is your downtime compensation strategy?
We did not had any major downtimes on any of our hosting servers till now. In case of downtime bellow the promised uptime of 99.9% any month, we have a fair policy in place. For every single day(24 hours) of down time, the customer will get 1 extra week(7 days) of free extended hosting! Just open a support ticket and you'll have your next invoice date updated!