Seo web hosting FAQ.

How many maximum ip's one can order?
Currently, we can provide a maximum of 30 ip's. These will be a mix of A, B and C class ip's. If you need more than 5 ip's, order your first 5 ip's using seo hosting page order links and then open a support ticket to upgrade to 10, 20 or 30 ip's.

Is it possible to manage all my domains thru a single whm/cpanel account?
Sorry. This is not possible as most of the servers are physically distributed across multiple locations in US, Uk and Canada data centres. Hence, for each ip, you'll have a seperate cpanel account which can be used to manage the corresponding domain/s.

In seo-1 plan, we'll get 1 gb space per ip?
NO. You'll get 200mb space per per ip. In seo-1 plan with 5 ip's, You'll get 5 hosting accounts each with 200mb space i.e. totally, you'll have 200x5=1000mb(nearly 1gb) space when you order seo-1 plan. The same logic applies to other seo plans also.

How many total domains I can host in different seo plans?
In seo-1 plan, you can host a maximum of 1 domain per ip.
In seo-2 plan, you can host a maximum of 5 domains per ip.
In seo-3 plan, you can host a maximum of 50 domains per ip.

For example, if you ordered seo-1 plan with 5 ip's, you can host 1 domain per ip i.e. you can host 5 domains in seo-1 plan with 5 ip's.

Do you have instant hosting activation for seo hosting?
No. All seo hosting orders will be manually screened and activated. This process may take upto 24 hours(Generally, It'll be much faster).

I completed ordering and made my payment. What next?
As it is specified earlier, seo hosting is not an instant setup process. After order verification, All hosting accounts for your domains needs to be manually created. Hence please wait upto 24 hours for completing your order processing.

I tried earlier xxxx seo company. They took my money and ran away. What about you?
We are in this business since 2008. We believe in "Honesty is the best policy". We'll never run away with your money or scam you. We host a few hundred clients and we are happy to inform you that, 99% of them are satisfied and renewing their service regularly.

If you are not satisfied, you can always use our money back guarantee as specified in our TOS.

Are you offering dedicated ip's for seo purpose?
NO. We are offering only shared ip's i.e. your hosting accounts for domains will be sharing ip's with other customers of our company.

What payment methods do you support?
Currently, we accept payments thru PayPal only. You can make credit card payments(All credit cards are supported) too using PayPal. Indian users can also make payments thru Demand draft or Online bank transfers.

What if all my sites goes offline due to a technical issue?
Please understand that, your sites will NOT be hosted on a single server. Your domains will be distributed on different servers in different data centres. Hence, there is no chance of having all your sites offline at once. Even if a server goes down temporarily, all the other servers continue to serve your sites which will have minimum effect on your serp efforts.
If you notice a server downtime, open a support ticket and you'll be updated on the status of server management in progess.

I'm an Indian and have no Paypal or credit card. How to pay?
Just order your hosting plan and open a support ticket or Email us at expertwebhost(at) to get our postal address to send your Bank Demand Draft.

You can also make payments thru Online bank transfers to our State Bank of India account(ask for it, if you need).

Remeber that, you must only order Yearly/Half yearly hosting plans if you want to pay thru Demand draft or Online bank transfers, because monthly or quarterly payments are not very feasible for us to handle in this method.

What is not allowed to host on your servers?
You are NOT allowed to host...
+ Warez content or linking
+ Phishing Sites
+ Hacking/Cracking sites
+ Pornographic content
+ Proxy servers and IRC
+ Mass Emailing/Spamming(We have hourly/daily limits in place)
+ File/Image/Video hosting sites(Like youtube etc)
+ Game servers
+ Hate/Terrorism sites
+ Any thing that is against Law
+ Any thing that uses huge amount of server resources/affects other sites/users hosted on the server.

Please go through our TOS page if you are in doubt regarding your content or Contact us before you signup.

May I host Wordpress, Joomla blogs on seo plan?
YES. You may host your Wordpress, Joomla based sites and blogs. But, we suggest you to use some kind of caching plugin(like wpsupercache for wordpress) with your sites/blogs to not overload the server and for faster site performance.

Do you own all your servers?
We use our own dedicated servers, cloud servers, vps servers and a few tested, reliable reseller accounts to host your blog network.

Do you maintain any backups?
Yes. We do have automated offsite weekly backup system in place. But, we recommend that every user should maintain his/her own backups for disaster recovery.

May I use SEO hosting for sending mails only?
NO. All our hosting plans are stictly available for hosting purpose only. Sending thousands of emails a day is considered to be spam. And your account may be suspended/terminated if you use your hosting account for the same. Btw, we have hourly/daily email sending limits in place on all our servers.

I ordered SEO hosting plan, But, how to get the addtional hosting accounts?
For SEO hosting we need 1 domain each, to setup every account on our different servers. Generally, you'll specify your domains list during ordering. If you did not specify all your domains during ordering, , Please open a support ticket with remaining domain names to be used for creating your hosting accounts on different servers.

What is your downtime compensation strategy?
We did not had any major downtimes on any of our hosting servers till now. In case of downtime bellow the promised uptime of 99.9% any month, we have a fair policy in place. For every single day(24 hours) of down time, the customer will get 1 extra week(7 days) of free extended hosting for that hosting account! Just open a support ticket and you'll have your next invoice date updated!

Some of your support operators have names like Jim, Robert etc.. Are you using US based support?
No. We are from India and we use Indian support staff. We mainly assign our staff with a foreign name, because it will be easy and convenient to remember the names for our international clients.

I want to sell my domain, but, my customer would like to retain hosting account.. Is it possible to transfer a single hosting account to a different person?
If your customer buying your website is interested in continuing hosting the web site with us, we can transfer your hosting account to your customer's account at a small fee. Please open a support ticket for further details.

Why my hosting account/s is/are suspended?
The most probable reason is forgetting to pay your invoice on time. Your hosting account may also be suspended, if we detect that your account is hacked, may be involved in spamming or causing server over load or having comment spam etc. Please open a support ticket in our client area to know exactly why you got suspended.

I see strange php errors related to system/exec/other php functions on my site pages. why?
For security reasons some of the php functions are disabled on our servers. If you need to use these functions, please open a support ticket and we'll have a look on the issue. Please remember that functions like system(), exec(), etc will not be enabled for any of the hosting accounts as it creates a security threat.